Professional Knife Sharpener

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Actually this product is one-direction only , do not move backward and forward !
-1st stage : our material hardness can reach 92°, and key sharpening
-2nd stage : our tungsten steel in high-quality raw material P15 level , hardness can reach 91.5°
Its suitable for steel knives
Its not suitable for Ceramic knife, not suitable for serrated knives.
-STEP 1: Repair and straighten damaged blades using the diamond surface. It can also be used to fine hone ceramic blades.
- STEP 2: Sharpen the blade and restore it to its original state using the ceramic steel tungsten carbide surface. Perfect for KNIVES ranging from paring, specialty, utility, carving, pocket, and hunting knives.
- STEP 3: Clean and polish the blade surface using the ceramic surface. This stage finishes the blade to a razor sharp edge.
Material: Diamond, Carbide, Ceramic, Stainless steel, ABS, PP, TPR
Size: as the picture shown
Product Included: 1 x three-stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener + 1x instruction manual
Available color: black , green, red
Net weight: 250g