Leather Car Seat Back Organizer, iPad Mini Holder and Storage space

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If you buy our Luxury 8 Pockets Car Backseat Organizer you will Keep your car organized, clean, and you will

protect your car seat from scratches.

You can have extra storage space in your car. You can keep your kids busy in the car with there travel accessories handy.

★ Customized design fits the back seat of Most Vehicles. Measuring 22" x 15.7".

★ They fasten to the back of your seat with two attachment points at the top and bottom for a secure fit.

★ Deep and sturdy pockets to ensure items do not fall out while driving.

★ Stylish color design that will suit any car interior and can be used for both kids and adults.

★ Premium high-quality PU material.

★ Water-resistant, machine-washable fabric for easy care.

★ Backseat Organizer install in 30 seconds.