Festive Christmas Window and Wall Stickers

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Product Features:

1. This decorative wall sticker can be stuck on flat wall, glasses or ceramic tile with hands.

2. It is removable and waterproof, which adopts dual-sided visual patterns for environmental protection.

Usage Method:

1. Clean the surface of glasses or wall and wipe to dry. And the sticking side should be totally flat without curve.

2. Separate this product from release liner gently. First to tear from the corner and stick it on sticking position while tearing off release liner.

3. Stick this product on the surface of wall or furniture.

4. Stick it neatly, then it can be consoled and bubbles will be squeezed out.

Product Parameter:

1. Material: PVC

2. Applicable situations: Living room, rooms, bar, supermarket doors, etc.

Packing List:

1 * Wall Sticker