2019 New Aluminum Alloy Key Clip EDC Tool Multi-function Key Storage Accessories

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The method of use is very simple. The user only needs to hold the coin horizontally and screw it a few times to the "screw", put the key in, and finally re-tighten. (After knowing the specific location of the key, the door opener no longer has to try one by one?) In addition, this product is not limited to the key, as long as the user likes it, the U disk and the RFID chip can be integrated together.
1. The inner column diameter is 4 mm. Please ensure that the inner diameter of your keyhole is larger than 4 mm.
2, the standard inner column is about 11 mm high (4-5 ordinary keys can be installed), if you have a special key, please measure it in advance.
3, the cross key can be installed (thickness is equal to 3-4 ordinary keys) black rubber head key can be installed, you can also directly install or iron to dissolve the plastic part.