Eletric Wood Grain Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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- Touch switch. Touch once, atomization and lighting. Touch twice, light is off. Touch three times, both will be off. There is also a delay of 4 hours automatic shutdown.
- Make your home smells good with essential oil added.
- Prevent dry and cracked skin during dry winter seasons.
- Humidifying the air, makes breathing easier and reduces coughing and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies or flu.
- Can be placed at home, yoga, office, spa, bedroom and baby's roomto reduce the smell of cigarettes, cooking and pets. Perfect gifts for families and friends who love aromatherapy or benefit from aromatherapy.

- Spray volume: 30 ml/h
- Size: approx. 110 X 110 X 115mm/4.33 X 4.33 X 4.52inch
- Adaptive area: about 30-41 square meters
- Material: ABS
- Power: 2W
- Power mode: DC5V, DC (USB)
- Water tank: 300ml

Package included:
1 Set:
1 x Humidifier
1 x English Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Sponge Bar
Or 2 Sets:
2 x Humidifier
2 x English Manual
2 x USB Cable
2 x Sponge Bar
Or 3 Sets:
3 x Humidifier
3 x English Manual
3 x USB Cable
3 x Sponge Bar

1.Why doesn't the humidifier work? Or why can't the humidifier spray effluent mist?
Please wet the cotton swab before use, and ensure that the cotton swab is aligned with the top atomized piece because the water is sucked to the top by the cotton swab and then atomized by the atomizing piece.
2.Humidifier function does not work, only the light is on with noise.
The noise should be caused by the high-frequency operation of the atomizer while water supply is insufficient.
3. Can I add essential oil in the humidifier?
Please keep in mind that do not add thick essential oil into the humidifier.