Unisex Slimming Blood Circulation Cutable insole

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Size:29.4*9.6cm can be cut in accordance with the needs (US6/EU38-US14/EU48.5)


Men Women Promote Blood Circulation
Unisex Slimming Insole Foot Magnetic Massage Health Care Massage Relief Pain Therapy
Package includes:1 Pair or 2 Pairs (OPP bag, NO Package box)
1. Thenar massage can strengthen health and resist ird
2. Gel material, cushioning and comfortable, clean and ventilate
3. Separate sweat and deodorize, wash and use freely

The magnetite physiotherapy insole, the foot bottom according to the body acupoint arrangement mosaic magnetic stone, through these health magnetic field magnetic force line action stimulates the foot bottom acupoint, can promote the blood circulation, soothe muscle ache, promote the body's metabolism, the foot massage can promote the fat burning of the leg, play the effect of fat lean.

Magnetic physiotherapy insole, in line with the body mechanics, kinematics principle, with a certain intensity of magnetic field applied to the body of the human affected area or the related meridians, magnets can fill the kidney and gas, treatment of insomnia. The human body receives magnetic field effect through skin, nerve, gastrointestinal tract, bone and joint, and produces certain curative effect, such as health care, physiotherapy and so on.