Women Foundation Sponge Blender

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• Gives flawless foundation application every single time
• More durable, soft, smooth texture and very tiny pores, reduces the usage of the Foundation and save your money.
• Shapes are ideal for all types of makeup application, powder, BB cream, blush, sun block and etc.
• Suitable for all types of skins

• Use daily, put makeup on like a pro, evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage
• For both dry and wet uses
• Wash the sponge at least once a week with a mild cleanser and air dry
• Product is reusable if cared properly

• Material: Latex Free material, reduce the risks of allergy.
• Shape: Calabash, Waterdrop
• Color: Multicolors

Package Included:
• 1 x Sponge Powder Puff
• 2 x Sponge Powder Puff
• 5 x Sponge Powder Puff
•10 x Sponge Powder Puff
• Shapes and Colors will be sent at random