Terms of Service

Last updated, March 5th, 2020
Please read the Wish Wholesale program terms before completing any purchase on the website. If you choose to participate in the program and purchase items from this site, you must abide by the following policies.


  1. Within 90 days from the date of order fulfillment, you can return items for a full refund (not including original shipping/handling fees) if they are in satisfactory condition. You may only request a refund once you have received the items.

  2. You only pay for all the items you decide to keep or have sold. The price you pay reflects that of the Wish Wholesale catalog.

  3. If you are an active Wish Local participant, you will have 2 options for returns. If not you will need to choose option 2 for returns/refunds:

    1. Turning the items into Pickup Now inventory (free)

    2. Returning the items to our warehouse (return shipping will be charged)

  4. This is a month-to-month arrangement. Wish reserves the right to terminate this arrangement at any time.

  5. Participants are encouraged to sell the products purchased on this site at any price point they choose and keep the profit.

  6. Any information or data made available as part of the Wish Wholesale program should be treated as confidential and may be used only for its limited purpose and protected with reasonable safeguards.

  7. By purchasing from our website, you are agreeing to abide by our returns quality standard. Please ensure that each item in every return meets the following criteria:

    1. Undamaged and unused

    2. In pristine condition with original packaging

    3. Free of any additional labels or stickers

  8. If you fail to return the items in the quantity you provided,  you will be removed from the Wish Local program and banned from the Wish Wholesale site. 

  9. After you purchase the products from Wish Wholesale, you own the title of the goods. You can resell it anywhere and at any price. You are solely responsible for any VAT tax that occurred during your sales.

  10. CPG items are not available for return


Return Eligibility

Wish Wholesale accepts returns on all orders except for branded items (as clearly stated on the brands page). If you order products in excess or have inventory that isn't suitable for your targeted demographic, you can return those items within 90 days of order fulfillment. As a Wish Local participant store, you also have the option to keep the items and convert them into pickup now inventory. You will be refunded for those products, they will be re-listed on the Wish app, and you will be compensated for every pickup as usual. Once an item has shipped, shipping and handling are non-refundable. You are not able to request a refund until you have received the items.

Returned merchandise will be sent back to the Wish Wholesale warehouse. Our warehouse team checks each return by hand to ensure items are in satisfactory condition. Please follow the procedures listed below to help us process your return properly and to prevent future charges or store disabling: 

  • You've carefully inspected and packaged each return to prevent items from being damaged in return transit

  • The items you are returning are in pristine condition with their original packaging and labels

  • Your return includes the same items and quantity you indicated when processing your return in our system*

  • The box has its corresponding return label, provided by Wish Wholesale and is packaged and sealed 


Satisfactory Condition: 

You are eligible for a return and complete refund on any items that you send back to us as long as the following requirements are met:

  1. The items you are returning are unused and in good condition.

  2. If you have received a damaged item, you need to email business@wish.com within the first 7 calendar days of receiving your order providing details and photos of the damaged items. If we do not receive this, we will not be able to process your return.  

  3. The items you are returning are not in new or customized packaging.

  4. Returning items are in their original packaging without labels/price tags that were added after purchase.