Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email from us with your tracking information. If you have not received this email, your item is still processing and will be shipped out shortly. If you placed your order more than 14 days ago, and you still have not received an email from us, please reach out to us at 

Currently we are able to ship to customers in the following regions:

United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Most of Europe

Depending on your location, certain products may not be available to you.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 (subject to change). All orders below $50 are shipped at a flat-rate $9.99

Once an order is received, we will fulfill it from the nearest warehouse(s) where inventory is available. Since your order might be coming from multiple warehouses, please allow up to 10 business days for all items to be fulfilled and shipped. Fulfillment time may vary based on location due to local or international logistics restrictions. 

For large orders, please expect your order to arrive in more than one package. You will receive a confirmation email once the order is fulfilled.

Most orders arrive within 4 weeks of fulfillment. However, in order to pass on the lowest possible prices to you, please allow up to 6 weeks for your order to arrive. If it hasn’t arrived by then, please contact us at For more information on shipping times check our shipping guide

Returns & Refunds

You are allowed to cancel your order within 1 hour of completing your purchase. After that, we will not be able to cancel your order.

For missing items, please check for an email from us stating that certain items have been refunded. Certain products may be out of stock at the time of fulfillment, and others cannot ship to certain locations. If you haven’t received a refund email, please email us at so we can look into this issue further.

For damaged items, you have 7 calendar days from delivery to let us know which items have been damaged. A picture of the damaged items is required, and can be sent to Once we have the necessary information, we can resolve this issue for you.

Check our return policy here

You can create a request for a refund for missing/damaged items. Missing items can request a refund after 8 weeks from order date. Damaged items must be report within 7 days of delivery.

Orders can be refunded for multiple reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

- The refunded items were out of stock at the time of fulfillment

- The refunded items are not available to customers with your shipping location

- Your shipping address is non-deliverable 

- Your shipping address is a PO Box (some items cannot ship to PO boxes)


Wish Wholesale is a wholesale website providing online and physical store owners with easy access to a curated selection of Wish's top-rated items for re-selling purposes. 

All Wish Wholesale items are proven best sellers with high demand and an average 4/5 rating on This combination of a user-friendly platform and unbeatable wholesale prices makes it the ideal one-stop shop for all businesses.

You can pay online through our secure checkout portal with a credit card or PayPal account.

We encourage you to first try and find the answer to your question in the FAQ’s, but if it’s not here, you can contact us through these channels:

Email: (preferred)

Send us a message through our Contact Page

Please read the terms of service before making a purchase on our website. By making a purchase on our site, you are accepting the terms of service for the program.

Yes, after you purchase products from Wish Wholesale, you own the title of the goods. You can resell them anywhere and at any price. You are solely responsible for any VAT that occurs during your sales.


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