Buying in Bulk? Here’s How to Request a Quote

You can now access exclusive discounts on your bulk purchases with our new Request a Quote feature! Although we already offer the best wholesale prices available anywhere, we’re able to negotiate even better discounts on orders of 10 units/product or more. We can get you a quote for any product we sell on, so if you see something there that we don’t currently have on the Wholesale site, you can always use the Request a Quote feature and our team of sales experts will be happy to help you with sourcing.

Here’s how it works:

      1. Click on “Request a Quote” here or from the homepage menu

      2. Provide your contact information along with detailed information about which products you’d like to source from Wish Wholesale. To get a quote, you must include a link to the product, as well as the size, color, and quantity you’re requesting.

      3. Our sales experts will review your request right away and get back to you with the best bulk discount we can provide. Discounts increase with order quantity. 


Source popular items, like this smart watch and watch as the price drops the more your order! You’ll get the best margins on your best-selling items by ordering in larger quantities.   

Price on Wish:  $20.49/item 

Wholesale Price: 10 units: $18.41/item
                              20 units: $17.41/item
                              50 units: $16.40/item
                              50+ units: $15.36/item

This bracelet set has been trending and selling fast over the past couple of months. Stock them in your store and get the best discount when you order 50 or more.

 Price on Wish: $3.69/set

Wholesale Price: 10 units: $3.32/set 
                              20 units: $3.15/set
                              50 units: $2.95/set
                              50+ units: $2.76/set

With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on decorations like these Christmas ornaments. They’re already a great deal on Wish, but we can get you an even lower price when you order 10 or more. Make sure to use the Request a Quote feature so our team can help you out with the best discounts we can offer.

Price on Wish: $3.49

Wholesale Price: 10 units: $3.14/set       
                              20 units: $2.96/set      
                              50 units: $2.79/set      
                              50+ units: $2.60/set

We have a wide range of high-quality, high-margin products available on the site. Shop best-selling items and Request a Quote from our team on your next bulk inventory order today.